I agree but let me also add...

I agree with everything you have said. I would like to add that it has been my contention that here in this area the Dolphin is slightly handicapped if there are low suspended solids along with low dissolved solids. Remember, you can have low dissolved solids with high suspended and vice verse. It really depends on how well the incoming water is filtered and also on the immediate environment – like towers close to roads, dusty regions, foliage etc… The principle behind the claimed charge neutralization phenomena depends on suspended colloidal particles and not just dissolved solids. Other than that you have hit it on the nail. I was impressed with the bio-control functionality of the unit. Showing clearer water certainly is a function of that control. Once again, it is all about making the right choice, and further more having that choice is what I seek for customers and for our own edification.

By the way, think your input was worth more the $0.02 – just thought you would like to know.

Gordon Guthrie
Waterside Asset Management
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