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Starship Troopers out of work

Troopers sent home! WCTI is a safe place for those that are concerned about planet Klendathu were the battle rages against the super Arachnids bugs.... Six towers tested using bio-dip slides for anaerobic bacteria, yeast and mold Meanwhile, back here on Earth after 48 hours of incubation at 85F degrees on a WCTI water treatment program with 91,000 TDS, 10.1 pH and running monomer silica greater than 400ppm, we find no corrosion with rates on carbon steel of 0.02mpy and 0.03mpy Cu! and thank goodness we see no sign of the enemy. Incidentally, not a single drop of any toxic biocodial agent was used. Welcome to a bug free environment for your cooling tower with less than 2% system discharge.  Give us a call or if you would prefer; join the Federation and become a Citizen Soldier and fight the bugs with expensive weapons like Isothiazline or   maybe DBMPA or Glutaraldehyde and then add maybe some chlorine for good measure etc... - fun stuff.  Bacteria is no laughing