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Water Treatment and the Environment

With his permission we are including an article he was requested to submit: ********************************************************************** Water Treatment and the Environment Author Arne Vestad: BSME In my 26 year’s as a Marine Engineer I have used a lot of chemicals for water treatment in boilers and jacket cooling water on board the ships I sailed on. We knew that the product we were using was dangerous to handle, it could be a fire hazard if not properly stored and it was a hazard to the crew who had to handle it. As a technical manager for a US company with a number of vessels in operation in Alaskan waters, we were looking for alternatives to the Hazardous Chemicals both for water treatment and cleaning on board. This was late 80’s and early 90’s and we could not find any usable product on the market. In the early 90’s an alternative water treatment product was introduced to the Marine Industry by a Norwegian company, IWTM A/S. The product name is ELYSATOR. This is a non c
Why should I consider self performing my water treatment? Before we look at a typical water treatment program, let's ask the question: why some folks have their yard's cut by a yard service while others like you and I have to do it yourself. I am assuming that we can all come to the conclusion that; 1) they do not want to do it themselves due to time constraints etc..; 2) they can not do it physically for various reasons; 3) it is financially doable. For these very same reasons I look at self performing water treatment and ask the same questions. A common misconception in the service side of water treatment is that only the supplier (Chem. Co) can successfully manipulate the waterside and guarantee a successful program. You could do your yard as well if not better than that yard man. Secondly, managers often think that the amount of time to conduct daily checks would be a no vote for self performing. This is also a misconception in that with the new technology out there –th