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Drought in the Northern Cascades affecting how much water you employ in your plant operation.

It may be a prudent course of action to prepare for more water use in cooling tower operation [higher bleed rates] with well water kicking in early this year in the Tolt & Cedar water shed which may also affect North Pugent Sound's water shed. Your chemical program will be dramatically affected by the introduction of early well water infusion into the main Watershed Supply for all facilities using cooling towers and boilers. Our surface water i.e. watershed [Snow Melt] is perfect for the Pacific Northwest on a chemical program, however when well water is introduced [happens every year during summer months], you will be using far more water to maintain the properties of chemical limits and its related chemistry. This includes all elerto-mechemical devices. Your bleed rates could go up as much as 10 to 20% during well water usage. However, I program does not care about well water, in fact we would prefer it more then watershed water. We can maintain less than 2% at al