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WCTI Resources on SiO2 Based Technology

WCTI has the ability to reduce water consumption as well as preventing harmful discharges to the environment. Questions often come up as to how the technology works etc... And we wanted to make it easier to understand this Sustainable Natural Green Chemistry. About 50% of US fresh water consumption is used to cool commercial and industrial process equipment. Cooling towers evaporate pure water to the atmosphere, but natural minerals in the water are concentrated and typically require 20-40% tower discharge to avoid energy consuming scale or corrosion problems. Our Natural Green Chemistry permits tower operation with zero discharge, reducing water wastage by 95% and to less than 2% of makeup. Click on and start discovering what we are all about.

Sio2Tech Video Presentation

Waterside Asset Management announces its new video presentation of the Silica Based Technology from WCTI. All the material is ready for view at