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Some Q&A about ZLD Program - WCTI

WCTI Technology Zero Liquid Discharge Technology eliminates scale and corrosion in ZLD operation of cooling towers. Silica chemistry maintains heat transfer, prevents galvanized white rust, controls bio-fouling without chemicals. US 6,929,749 / Silica Scale Control US 6,949,193 / Silica Scale Control US 6,998,092 / Corrosion Inhibition/Silica US 7,122,148 / Corrosion Inhibition/Silica Q&A Is it true that the make-up water stream for WCTI technology has to be almost entirely softened (Ca and Mg removed)? A: Correct, the process requires sufficient softening of makeup water to maintain total hardness levels at less than 30 mg/L as CaCO3 in the tower water to maximize water conservation and performance. Higher hardness levels can be supported at higher TDS due to common ion effect (example, higher hardness in seawater effect). Lower COC with some blow down from low hardness makeup can be maintained with results comparable to traditio