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GOOD NEWS! We have discovered what we believe to be a revolution in closed loop treatment. We are recommending this approach for those that are wanting to reduce their chemical exposure in their plants. Please contact us to learn more about this tried and tested process. Below is just a brief rundown on the Elysator. Most common criteria Residues: ideally, the water in a system is free of residues. The corrosion products, magnetite (black) and rust indicate corrosion and can themselves cause damage (clogging, erosion). pH: determination of the heating waters pH is an important factor. Water with a pH of less than 7 is referred to as "acid" while water with a pH of 7 - 14 is referred to as "basic". Water used for heating must be basic and is regarded as not promoting corrosion if its pH is no less than 8.3 and no more than 9.5. A pH that is too high will tend to erode aluminum components if the flow conditions are unfavorable. Oxygen content: the water used to fill s