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I agree but let me also add...

I agree with everything you have said. I would like to add that it has been my contention that here in this area the Dolphin is slightly handicapped if there are low suspended solids along with low dissolved solids. Remember, you can have low dissolved solids with high suspended and vice verse. It really depends on how well the incoming water is filtered and also on the immediate environment – like towers close to roads, dusty regions, foliage etc… The principle behind the claimed charge neutralization phenomena depends on suspended colloidal particles and not just dissolved solids. Other than that you have hit it on the nail. I was impressed with the bio-control functionality of the unit. Showing clearer water certainly is a function of that control. Once again, it is all about making the right choice, and further more having that choice is what I seek for customers and for our own edification. By the way, think your input was worth more the $0.02 – just thought you would like to kno

But I might add that...

Here is a response from a reader of the blog - modified to not reveal location or businesses: Sir, I was interested to see the writeup on the pulse power stuff on your site. I figured that I would give my $0.02 as I have taken some time to look into this type of product in the past. I will agree that it does work as advertised IF you have adequate solids (especially CaC03) in your makeup water to begin with. It appears to work especially well with well water due to the large quantity of dissolved salts in the well water. Because our makeup water is especially low in solids due to it being surface water, we determined that it was not a good fit for this business. If you look at the installations that are successful in the area (such as abcdefghijk), they do have ground sourced makeup water. Some of the consistent comments that I did encounter is that the Bio fouling control was especially good. “The water is always exceptionally clear.” And so on. There were a number of installations t

Discussion About the Dolphin System

Reference document: 089 03/15/2006 Discussion About the Dolphin System Waterside Asset Management, Gordon Guthrie - Consultant Starting with potatoes skins & tannin, water treatment has taken on many forms. Since then technology has allowed us to experiment with both chemical and mechanical means. Chemical approaches to water problems have certainly been the main thrust; however, there have been a good symbiotic relationship with mechanical devices such as the DA mechanically stripping the oxygen and sulfite acting as a chemical scavenger. One without the other in this case is not in the best interest of the user. Other mechanical devises have served alongside with chemicals, filtration, DAF’s, belt press, softeners, DI, RO, etc… I have recently had the opportunity to study the Dolphin system in a way that I was not able before (being chemically biased) and have come to the conclusion that the pulsed electrical field has worked and does have merit in the water conditioning and tr
Choices - how to make them: If one had just purchased a NCD (non-chemical-device) you would assume they would support that it works, on the other hand if one were to have just signed a large contract for a water treatment company for services and product - they would support that also. Which one is in the right camp? It is very interesting to hear the stories now that I am no longer under the influence of bias thought. Being open to all technologies has given me a greater sense of what this business is all about. More to come I'm sure. Gordon Guthrie Waterside Asset Management Cell: 425-293-5763