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COUPON RESULTS (Mild steel and Copper) Coupon results from 74 days (and will look this same way 90+ days) after insertion on the WCTI program. I cannot reveal the customer for obvious reasons, however, if you contact me we can talk about the account and customer revue and any other question you might have regarding this technology. What you see is the coupons on their holders right next to brand new coupons not yet exposed. You could not tell the old from the new on the mild steel and the copper has the perfect coating as expected. Each metallurgy shown here had zero deposits around the coupon holders and zero pitting. These are only a portion of the story - as this program has not blown down since starting the WCTI program and is running over 50 COC with zero bacterial count and not using one drop of traditional chemical treatment. Stay - tuned much more success still to come