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Simple Phone APP makes it easy and precise

GOOD NEWS  For all those folks that may have some sort of color blindness, especially testing in the field for things such as total hardness, Here is an example of success :-) with a simple free phone APP No more guessing on the when it turns blue - love it - just point and verify what you see.  Trust me I am not endorsing this or have any stake in it - just thought this may help those struggling with color in our industry or any others that need to determine colors

Using a microscope to do a quick in the field observation

The technology available to all!   Just a quick observation for you to use in the field using your laptop or phone ~ 1000x Remember, fouling/breakage etc. of the Zeolite Resin matters a great deal if you hoping for good soft water and a not having to re-bed too early.  If you do not have this tool in the field at least get it sent in for analysis as you suspect issues with getting good soft water of a change in the regeneration process.