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Complexity of the chemistry outweighs the simplicity of the application.

Now Aliens may have brought this technology to the Earth many years ago, however it turned out not to be needed - go figure! Now that it has made its mark, we find chemical traditionalist not understanding the  complexity of the chemistry  while they may at least understand the  simplicity of the application . This has been a true test to see statements of fact from my sisters and brethren in the industry that would embarrass them if they heard a recording of their ideas after understanding the complexity of the chemistry. With the drought in California and in many parts of the country, we are becoming the one and only true affordable and natural means of saving cooling tower water with the simplicity of the application . If you need to reduce your water use from as much as 40% -15% without the "complexity of an application" (along with the higher start-up and operating costs) then give us a call and we would love to share Mother Nature’s secrets with you.