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Press Releases October 17, 2006 avance Contact: Avance Control Announces the Release of Avance 3.0 Software now offers support for real time data aquisition and OPC clients SEATTLE, WA -- On Nov 01, 2006, Avance Control, the developer of Avance real time statistical process control and data aquisition solutions, announces the release of Avance 3.0, an integrated quality control tool designed specifically to aquire data and calculate statistical control of processes in real time. Avance offers many new enhancements, flexible charting, OPC clients, data analysis tools, a python scripting integrated environment for data analysis. First released in 2005, Avance is a 'no frills' SPC software. The software was developed specifically for non technical manufacturers and engineers who need quality controls tools. Avance manages, in real time, data from inputs such as manual input, Excel spreadsheets, text files, serial connecti