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Where will your baud rate be tomorrow?

Remember when; then again a lot of folks reading this weren't even born yet "LOL" **Circa 1987 "The same phenomenon is beginning to show up in a heightened interest in 9600 baud (bps). Where will it end? Some experts say 9600 is the highest baud rate that even good quality phone lines can support. But the researchers who pushed the highest baud rates from 300 to 1200 and then to 2400 and now to 9600 know that the experts were wrong before, and even now some of them are talking of 38,400-baud modems within a decade." *Circa 2018 So here I sit nearly 3 decades hence; using my current Office ISP at 436,000,000 bps in 2018....Crazy fast and as sure as the sun rises so will the bps. hashtag # modems

Importance of Water Testing.....

Poor boiler feedwater treatment will get you every time! Kakapo Shipwreck at Noordhoek   This one appears to have had a lot of silica issues...  😱