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Some wise person once said that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" . Hmm.... In fact, I think he may have had an apple drop on his head.  There is another saying that for every action there is a consequence - some call this Karma. So when we look at the actions taken in the field of water treatment in cooling water, there must be some consequence to our actions. WCTI has forever changed the way the industry has thought of cooling water treatment by simply changing man's chemically engineered design back to Mother Nature's manifestations...  WCTI is nothing more than thinking of Newton's 3rd Law in the reaction that takes place in the ion exchange resin by the one to one exchange of Ca/Mg for Na going to the tower make-up - - after all there is an equal and opposite reaction here right? Some might say that in our efforts to use water in a cooling tower, it must result in "blowdown" or more commonly known as tower bleed.