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Once Upon a Time - - - magic machine

  BACK IN TIME Steam Powered Operated Farm Tractor Back in the 80's we were told that the very first "steam water treatment" were potato skins for their phosphate content and then followed by phosphate balls.  Apparently cast-iron cooking vessels back in the day for potato's did not exhibit as much scale in the pot after cooking as other foods.    Water Treatment if you were lucky to use surface lake/river water in the PNW - you were less likely to scale than when they started using well water, certainly tough going if too far from the lake/river.  This looks like a lot of hot work to plow a field.  Now cushioned CABS with A/C, and almost full automation (GPS etc.) are the norm.   We certainly have come a long way   Not sure if solar powered, battery or wind driven means of power for these tractors of today may not be possible.  Who knows, the earth was once thought of as "FLAT" I STAND CORRECTED seams to be the best way to go as long as restorative power is