Thursday, March 30, 2006

But I might add that...

Here is a response from a reader of the blog - modified to not reveal location or businesses:

I was interested to see the writeup on the pulse power stuff on your site. I figured that I would give my $0.02 as I have taken some time to look into this type of product in the past. I will agree that it does work as advertised IF you have adequate solids (especially CaC03) in your makeup water to begin with. It appears to work especially well with well water due to the large quantity of dissolved salts in the well water. Because our makeup water is especially low in solids due to it being surface water, we determined that it was not a good fit for this business. If you look at the installations that are successful in the area (such as abcdefghijk), they do have ground sourced makeup water. Some of the consistent comments that I did encounter is that the Bio fouling control was especially good. “The water is always exceptionally clear.” And so on. There were a number of installations that I contacted that had pending issues against the manufacturer and the local installer due to EXTENSIVE equipment damage. In some cases requiring equipment replacement due to the level of damage encountered. Upon further questioning, these installations also had low solids makeup water.

The big thing is that since it precipitates out calcium carbonate, you have to have enough in the water to get the reaction going and then enough in the makeup to keep “feeding” the reaction. If your makeup source is too low, you have to add some or you will scale your heat transfer surfaces and your PH will get way out of wack.

Call with any questions.

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