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Here at WAM we do honor all Pollywogs!  We have made special compensation since these Pollywogs have to deal with water .  One way or the other they have to face their water treatment needs. King Neptune is asking all of us to do our part in keeping the ocean clean, lowering your chemical footprint. The technology and tools are readily available 🙈🙈🙊  

All-in-one Organic Boiler Treatment

New from WAM for Steam Boilers.  Click here or on video clip for more information on our new All Organic " All-in-One " for Hot Water Boilers and Low & High Pressure Steam Generators    "Fire Eye", "Combustion Chamber Viewer", "Gas Flame Portal", "Fireside Fuel/Air Flow  Observer" Lots of names for it, nonetheless, astonishing to  see the Fireside in action  on this  125,000 pph unit  See Video

Fibonacci Spiral and how it portrays so many things in life.

Let's take a break from water treatment and look at something relating to the Golden Ratio.  Find out  about the Fibonacci numbers and so much more.   This is how you formulate a perfect spiral. It is fascinating the more you look into this spiral, his numbers and the Golden Ratio.   Have fun!