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Lowering Carbon & Water Footprint - Together!

Waterside Asset Management's "Sio2tech" approach to cooling tower treatment presents itself as the only technology that can give you both a Low Carbon footprint and reduce your Water Footprint as much as 40%. Give this a try by entering your data on . We have successfully brought to the table a savings at one major facility of over $120,000 in water savings - not counting chemical savings!. Ask us for the details. With the world looking for answers relative to fresh water use in industrial and commercial systems, we have successfully used our Sustainable Natural Green Chemistry to give customers low corrosion rates, biostatic control and no scale. We have testimonials, references and solid examples of a technology that since it's inception in 2004, we have not lost one single application.

Eager Beavers grabing LEED points??

It has come to our attention that claims for LEED points are indeed special however and unfortunately they are falsely claimed by some NCD's. With our SiO2Tech approach we wanted to be 100% sure that what we offer is correct and without question relative to LEED points. There is one particular NCD that is claiming 7 points WOW! if only true. Doing our homework we engaged a reputable Engineering firm with a number of LEED AP engineers that helped put together this table. Thanks go to Rushing Engineering for their professional assistance in this matter.