Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Water Conservation @1 GPM....... Let's do the math

DUDE, We have a problem..... Get a mop!

LET's DO THE MATH...  1.0 gallon of dripping water a minute ↱GPM↰ normally "unseen" is not helping with good water use.  Okay, there is 1440min/day with 365days/yr ↝ 565,600 gallons a year and when you are paying ~$15/1000gal, or more (commercial - includes sewer) that would be an annual bill in excess of  $8,475.

WOW - fix the problem and give everyone a little more bonus for Christmas or have a great Christmas party for all.

Here is a lot of good information regarding the conditions we are seeing in Washington State.

Waterside is constantly looking for ways to reduce customers operating budget.  Give us a call and we can share with you what it takes for all of us to save millions of gallons of water per year.

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