Monday, August 19, 2019

Washington State drought on surface watersheds

 Washington Drought
Washington Drought

LET's DO THE MATH...  1.0 gallon of dripping water a minute ↱GPM↰ normally "unseen" is not helping with good water use.  Okay, there is 1440min/day with 365days/yr ↝ 565,600 gallons a year and when you are paying ~$15/1000gal, or more (commercial - includes sewer) that would be an annual bill in excess of  $8,475.

WOW - fix the problem and give everyone a little more bonus for Christmas or have a great Christmas party for all.

The total irony is that when we go to well water (to help the watersheds) we have to use more water to control parameters to meet the worst-case operating conditions.  On the other hand, glacier melt allows us to use less water in industrial applications.

Here is a lot of good information regarding the conditions we are seeing in Washington State.

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