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Greenpower Law Blog on WCTI

WCTI’s Green Tech Conserves W ater used in Large-scale Cooling Systems by Robin Yeager on 10/17/2009 in Water You gotta admire an entrepreneur who believes so keenly in the environmental benefits of his technology that he isn’t interested in selling out and risking the burial of his inventions and innovations by a corporate competitor. Dan Duke, president of Water Conservation Technology International (WCTI), has patented a technology that eliminates “blowdown” (wastewater discharge) from cooling towers, which reduces the water required to run large-scale air conditioning systems by roughly 30%. This alone is enough to merit a Green Star award to WCTI. Another bonus of Duke’s system is that it doesn’t require toxic chemicals. Instead, key components are rock salt and recycled water. If you aren’t familiar with cooling towers, you can find an explanation here . Also, a Boeing article explains Boeing’s success and savings with the WCTI process.