Friday, November 13, 2015

Take your cooling tower to the CAR WASH

Patent Pending :-)


Cooling towers have for the most part been out-of-sight, out-of-mind until now! They have served their purpose well and will be around for many more years to come.  
However, we are seeing many being replaced with designs that address more water conservation operations.  A number of tower manufactures are making adjustments/design changes to meet the unique nature or zero bleed and WCTI chemistry.

Look around- and you will see both direct and indirect evaporative cooling systems popping up everywhere - especially in the high tech data center markets as engineers are looking to minimize the use of water as the primary cooling media.

One company (WCTI) has taken on this shortage full force and has offered hundreds of customers now with its low cost Zero Bleed Silica Based programs with total cooling tower plant discharge of the LESS than 2% - without compromising system performance.
  • WHY? - Fresh water is getting harder to come by in so many drought stricken areas and with others the cost of water is getting very high to produce and even more so in disposing of this used process water.
  • WAIT A SECOND?: - many are asking "aren't you creating sodium enriched type salt deposits" - why yes indeed we are, and with a simple wash down they end up looking like brand new. OH BY THE WAY, the wash down water goes right back into the tower [not down the drain] to live another day in this silica based treatment life cycle. 
  • BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL THE DRIFT on the surrounding areas and other equipment?  Well, to this we simply reply by asking the question "are you having a drift problem now? and if so, are you not concerned about the losses of energy with all that drift and also the toxic nature of the drift laden fallout with hazardous chemicals"?
QUESTION:  What would you rather have land on you and your equipment as you walk around the tower 1) no drift, 2) sea water type spray, 3) or hazardous chemicals?
  • FIX YOUR DRIFT PROBLEMS and then this all simply goes away and we can get back to saving millions of gallons of water with the lowest corrosion rates in the industry under bio-static conditions!
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