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Remember when... Well, I could make this a "period" piece or go on forever - like remember when it was cool to have a pager to keep in touch etc... Whoops, this is a water treatment blog, so I will stick with telling you that now, I am having fun reminiscing with my zero bleed customers .... “hey, remember when we used that solenoid bleed valve for solids control... and now it’s a paper weight on your desk!” What we do know now however, is that simple math can be scary. If, for example, you were to take into account that you found that all of your cumulative leaks in your tower totaled one gallon per minute; that would be equivalent to over 1/2 million gallons a year. Now let’s say you have the following water cost totals - supply water and sewer respectively, @ $8.67 & $5.309 per thousand gallons. Now, you are looking at $7,347 in out-of-pocket expenses. WOW!... that's worth a great year-end employees’ BBQ with lots of distilled C2H5OH over some crushed cub