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You think you have seen it all!

If you have a hook up to feed product like this, ask your supplier for your money back. What we have here is a need to get three chemical products into the tower the wrong way. Yes, these small towers are tough to treat - simply because these evaporative cooling towers are not set up from manufacturing to treat water. It would be best to request a sample flow line / chemical feed to be set up at the factory. One could also go with a technology that does not need chemical. Anything would be better than trying to inject chemical in the same line. One good suggestion would be to try the new zero bleed technology from Water Conservation Technology that does not use products and serves to the lay up period if you are in that kind of climate. In some areas of the country if you are not concerned about water savings just set the bleed to a low cycles and not treat the water and with only a biocide once in a while as needed. After all some of these small systems only have 100-200 gallo