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Image goes global - we are proud to have excepted consulting services from as far away as Amman Jordan. (Picture thanks to Google Analytics)

Boiler efficiency - well what is it?

Operational? … Fireside? ... Waterside? ... Mechanical? ... Other? Well maybe it's all - what do you think? Which one carries the most weight? Working with waterside (hence "Waterside Asset Management") for so many years, we constantly preached the gospel according to chemical side and program control issues. I do believe that chemicals and their control on the waterside contribute significantly to boiler efficiency; however, the way some boilers are made to run operationally – makes the waterside a small and distant issue. Operationally: Read the manufacturers recommendations and you will find running the boiler to 80% of its designed load is where one will witness maximum steam/fuel efficiency. Now some plants have to run two at lower lbs/hr rather than one at full load for spikes – or for emergency back-up. Fireside: Does your burner and fuel/air mixture measure up to the standards you expect. Are EPA standards for emissions holding you back? Incomplete combustio

eBay Auctions

On occasion we will have discounted products here to help move certain equipment. Please check back frequently.