Friday, January 14, 2011

Regeneration Performance Analysis

If you have ever run a softener, you know that the one of the main operational functions of that softener is in its regeneration. Without it going through this process correctly, an incomplete regeneration could cause improper ion exchange and allow hardness to show sooner that it's designed removal capacity.
Traditionally, WCTI service personnel or customer's operators would have to run a long manual elution study to try and ascertain what might be causing the softeners to run hard. We saw this as an opportunity and designed in a WCTI HES propriety solution.

At WCTI, with its propriety high efficiency softeners (HES), we have all but eliminated this concern. We have a real time remote monitoring application and alarming tool for the regeneration process. Our RPA (Regeneration Performance Analysis) has assured the customer that he/she is getting sustainable soft water make-up and it has helped our service professionals ensure continuous soft water supply.

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